Here are ten scientifically valid and legal methods to win blackjack:


Everyone knows card counting in mafia slot ทั้งหมด blackjack. This method involves keeping track of the relative proportion of good cards left in the card dispenser. When the number of good cards is significantly greater than the number of bad cards, the player has an advantage over the house. To win at blackjack, the player must raise his bet when he has an advantage, not when the advantage is on the house. As I have explained on a number of occasions, in my opinion, card counting in blackjack is an overrated and unconvincing approach to playing the lead at


Knowing if you are going to receive an Ace in one of the first two cards dealt will offer you a 50% advantage over the house. One method of locating Aces is to memorize the two deciding cards just before an Ace as the cards go to the discard dispenser. If the shuffled cards have not been shuffled, then the player will be able to predict when the Ace will appear. This method is often used in a team approach that allows the Ace to be in control of the Aces and find more than one.


This method consists of playing so that you can see the dealer’s card when it is distributed. You could see it as the dealer slides the card under the card he has a face-up. There is also a chance to see it if the dealer exposes the card by removing it from the top of the deck. This method also works in games with a dispenser in which a somewhat careless dealer slides the hole card to avoid the chip stack or any other obstacle. Dealers with long nails could slightly lift the edges of the cards out of the dispenser, leaving them exposed immediately.


An even more effective method than hole cards is the next card, in which the player knows which card is to be dealt with next during the course of a hand. Depending on the card, the player can choose to ask for a card, stand, or double more effectively. If the card has a chance of passing the dealer’s hand, the player may decide to stand. For example, the next player could stand with a total of 7 if the dealer has a six face up, and the player knows that the next card will be a Jack. If the next player knows the first card to be dealt with, he can determine his bet based on the advantage he will get in the hand.


Sometimes the dealer leaves the bottom card of the dispenser exposed when offering the cut. The cutter can match the cut of the dispenser to the exact location of a letter. For example, you can place a card, exactly 52 cards (1 deck) from the top. Therefore, in a team of players, that card can be addressed to an important player if it is a good card, or to the dealer if it is bad. This can be accomplished by asking for cards, selectively folding or splitting, or by getting players to enter or exit the card dispenser and play multiple hands if necessary.

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